Fish & Chips in Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Fish & Chips in Barcelona

I'm more vegetarian than pescatarian these days, but I still occasionally eat fish. When we saw that a new "Fish & Chips" restaurant had opened up near us in Eixample, we figured we'd check it out. It's funny how a traditional British staple that consists of copious amounts of grease, chips and fish can translate into… Continue reading Fish & Chips in Barcelona

Book Reviews, Patrice Lumumba

Patrice Lumumba: May Our People Triumph

Patrice Lumumba was a Congolese independence leader and the first elected Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Considered a dangerous threat to colonial and international interests, he was assassinated in 1961. The collection Patrice Lumumba: May Our People Triumph contains some of his speeches, interviews and letters. The second half is devoted… Continue reading Patrice Lumumba: May Our People Triumph

Book Reviews, Toni Morrison

Beloved by Toni Morrison (Audiobook)

One of Toni Morrison's best known novels, Beloved is an immensely moving account of loss, longing, memory and identity. Set against the backdrop of post-Civil War America, the story centres on Sephe, who has escaped from a life of slavery, and her family. It tells of the legacy of slavery and the physical and psychological… Continue reading Beloved by Toni Morrison (Audiobook)

Book Reviews, Peter Singer

The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer

This short and accessible book by bioethics expert Peter Singer certainly gives the reader food for thought. Singer does not mince his words and is clear in his beliefs. The average person, he opines, can and should be playing a part in reducing extreme poverty around the world, and the rich have an even heavier… Continue reading The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer

Book Reviews, Dambisa Moyo

Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo

I am a big fan of global economist Dambisa Moyo. Something about her cool, calm yet determined demeanour appeals to me. More than that, she has something to say, and she's not afraid to say it. Her book Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa was published… Continue reading Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo

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Best Cafés to Work from in Barcelona (With WiFi)

As a freelancer and a lazy person who likes it when other people make food for her, I spend quite a lot of my work time in cafés here in Barcelona. Here’s a list of some of my favourite spots in the city for working, coffee drinking and snacking, in no particular order…   SandwiChez… Continue reading Best Cafés to Work from in Barcelona (With WiFi)

Book Reviews, Mills, Herbst, Obasanjo & Davis

Making Africa Work: A Handbook

Marking Africa Work: A Handbook is written by four authors: Greg Mills, Jeffrey Herbst, Olusegun Obasanjo and Dickie Davis. Each author brings unique experience and insight, not least Olusegun Obasanjo, the former President of Nigeria, who lends the book particular gravitas. In light of the impending population boom in Africa, the authors' mission is to… Continue reading Making Africa Work: A Handbook

Barcelona, Spain

Visiting Montjuïc, Barcelona

There is so much to see and do on Montjuïc hill in Barcelona that I can't do it justice in one blog post. In fact, it's somewhat misleading to simply call it a hill, as it is essentially a district of the city in its own right. Instead of trying to detail every sight on… Continue reading Visiting Montjuïc, Barcelona

Book Reviews, Zelda la Grange

Good Morning, Mr Mandela by Zelda la Grange

I read this memoir by Nelson Mandela's former secretary, Zelda la Grange, at the end of last year. In Good Morning, Mr Mandela, la Grange provides a uniquely human account of this icon of the modern age during his presidential and later years. It was my desire to learn more about Nelson Mandela and South… Continue reading Good Morning, Mr Mandela by Zelda la Grange

Random Musings

Arriving Late to the Studio Ghibli Party

So, I'm a little late to the party. I watched the excellent Ghibli classic Spirited Away in my late teens, and later got round to Howl's Moving Castle. Although I'd enjoyed both movies, I didn't appreciate them on any profound level. My partner is big into Ghibli movies, so with his influence I've gotten more into… Continue reading Arriving Late to the Studio Ghibli Party